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1989 Graduated from the Moscow Textile Academy as a textile designer.

1990 Founded, created and headed the “Ekaterina Moroz” design company. The most remarkable collections were created for the Kremlin Museum, and an exclusive collection of dresses was based on jewelry by Faberge and other famous Russian jewelers form the Kremlin Museum collections.

1996 Creation of Bochavar Accessories : design of fabrics for collections of fashion designers in New York.

1999 Co-founded and created the concept of “ZVON” boutique in SOHO, Manhattan. In the boutique, designers were placed in their own world (Japan, France, Spain, Americas, Canada, Russia) in remarkable collections and joint art-projects.

2000 Created the concept and production of clothes and accessories of the “ZVON” boutique in the context of contemporary ballet, especially designed for the “Art Boat” festival, organised by “Artpropaganda” gallery, New York. Since

2000, more than 20 monumental paintings were created and installed all over the United States, including at the Mariott Hotel which was reconstructed after the Sept. 11, terrorist attacks

2002 Was one of the creators of the “Red Shift Film Festival”.

2003 Katya Bochavar invents and develops a unique technique to råconstruct interiors based on textile wall coverings. This technique is used by the Fabrika design house in joint projects together with leading American architects such as : Steven Sills, David Easton, Alexandra Shampelemont. Projects featured in leading magazines such as: Architectural Digest, Interior Decoration as well as Russian “Interior + Design”.

2004 The idea of conceptual jewelry inspired the artist to create the ìuch2ìuch jewelry line.

2005 Participation in “Moscow Fashion Week” with ìuch2ìuch collection and showing at Kremlin Museum.

2005 Group Exhibition “Sarcophagus, Ghanaian Style, or The funeral of a Dreamer” with “Memorial necklace” àt Berliner Kunstprojekt Gallery.

2006 Group Exhibition “Here (There)” of New-York artists with “Ghåtto Chik” sculpture at “Na Solyanke” Gallery, Moscow.

2007 Stage Design for “Elizaveta Bam” theatre performance by F. Pavlov at Theatre “Mossovet”, Moscow.

2007 Solo exhibition at “Frants” Gallery, Saint-Petersburg.

2007 Exhibition “The Plumber’s Widow” at “Na Solyanke” Gallery, Moscow.

2008 Special Guest at International Accessories Exhibition “Premiere Classe”, Paris, France with ìuch2ìuch jewelry line.

2008 Exhibition of Much2Much jewelry collection «Lenin as a Super Hero» at Alan Gamborg Gallery in Moscow.

2008 Rosa Mira Performing Arts Festival of Russia and CIS countries : Multimedia performance at Molodyozhne Theatre in Moscow. Stage design, video, costumes and direction.

2008 Much2Much special collection for Guggenheim Museum Shop.

2009 “Diner is Served” site-specific sculpture for Baibakov Àðò Projects at Red Oktober Factory, Moscow.

2009 «White Rambo above the Table» Collaborative performance by Katya Bochar and Andrei Bartenev, set to music by Patrick K.-H.

2009 “Natural Wonders” Exhibition of London artists at Baibakov Projects, Moscow : Architectural design.

2009 Site-specific sculpture “Corners” at “Spiridonov House”, Moscow.

2009 Stage Design for “Starukhy” by Daniil Kharms, theatrical performance directed by Fedor Pavel-Andreevich at Justo Studio, Moscow. 2009 Russian Pavilion on Venice Biennale. Architectural design.

2009 “Gogol Fest”. Kiev. Ukraine. Architectural design.

2009 “Blue Orange” fine art show. “Gogol Fest”. Kiev. Ukraine. Curator.

2009 “Korpus 3.” Art gallery. Curator. Architectural design. 2010 Solo show of wearable art – much2much on Vinzavod in Moscow.